Water, as a finite and precious resource, is what humans depend on for survival, and with concerns about water scarcity, more and more solutions are emerging to help us use less water without sacrificing the experience, and one of those solutions is the Watersense faucet.

Understanding WaterSense Faucets

What Are WaterSense Faucets?

WaterSense faucets are plumbing fixtures that have been certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the WaterSense program. The purpose is to conserve water and improve water efficiency in homes and businesses.
Here are some key characteristics of WaterSense faucets

  • Water Conservation: WaterSense faucets are designed to use less water than traditional faucets while still providing enough water flow for everyday tasks. This is especially important in areas where water is scarce or drought is a problem.
  • Low Flow: WaterSense faucets allow a maximum water flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) for bathroom faucets and 1.8 GPM for kitchen faucets, reducing the amount of water used in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Efficiency Features: These faucets often come with features such as an aerator, which mixes air with the water stream to maintain effective water pressure while using less water, reducing splashing, and maintaining a satisfying user experience.
  • Certification: To earn the WaterSense label, faucets must meet specific performance and water efficiency standards set by the EPA.
  • Environmental Impact: Using a WaterSense faucet helps reduce water waste, which is critical to protecting local water resources and ecosystems.
  • Cost Savings: While WaterSense faucets may have a slightly higher initial cost than non-certified faucets, they can save money in the long run through lower water bills. Over time, the initial investment can be offset by reduced water usage.

How Do Watersense Faucets Work?

Basically, WaterSense faucets work by limiting the flow of water from the faucet through the use of an aerator and a high-efficiency cartridge to conserve water without compromising the experience.

  • Aerator: The Aerator is a key accessory used in WaterSense faucets, it is a device that mixes air with a stream of water to produce a steady and controlled stream of water while reducing water usage.
  • Efficient Cartridge Design: WaterSense faucets often use a highly efficient cartridge that allows for precise control of the water flow, which makes it easy for the user to adjust the water pressure and temperature to the desired level, avoiding waste during the adjustment process.
  • Smart Shutoff: Some WaterSense faucets are equipped with sensors that automatically shut off the water flow when not in use.
  • Quality Construction: WaterSense faucets are required to meet specific performance and quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure effective and long-lasting use.
  • User Experience: Despite their low flow rates, WaterSense faucets are designed to provide a satisfying user experience.

WaterSense fixtures categories

For the full categories, you can visit the EPA website to learn more: WaterSense fixtures categoriesĀ»

Residential Toilets

For full information, please visit:Ā  WaterSense residential toilet standard

Commercial Toilets

For full information, please visit: WaterSense Commercial Toilets standard


For full information, please visit: WaterSense Urinals standard

Irrigation Controllers

For full information, please visit: WaterSense Irrigation Controllers standard

Spray Sprinkler Bodies

For full information, please visit: WaterSense Spray Sprinkler Bodies standard

Pre-Rinse Spray Valves

For full information, please visit: WaterSense Pre-Rinse Spray Valves standard

Products in Development

For full information, please visit: WaterSense Products in Development standard

The Benefits of Watersense Faucets

WaterSense faucets offer a range of benefits including water conservation, cost savings, environmental protection, and improved performance, choosing these fixtures is a practical and responsible way to

  • Save Water: Conserving water is the best feature of WaterSense faucets, which are limited to 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) for bathroom faucets and 1.8 GPM for kitchen faucets.
  • Lower Water Bills: As water usage decreases over time, WaterSense faucets can result in significant cost savings and lower-than-expected water bills.
  • Environmental Impact: WaterSense faucets protect local water resources and ecosystems by reducing the demand for water, contributing to overall environmental sustainability.
  • Energy Savings: WaterSense faucets indirectly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with water heating, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Code Compliance: In some areas, local building codes or regulations may require the use of water-saving fixtures such as WaterSense faucets.
  • Durability and Performance: WaterSense faucets pass the rigorous testing and quality standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring reliable performance and a satisfying experience.
  • Positive Brand Image: For businesses, installing WaterSense faucets communicates a commitment to sustainability and responsible water use, which can enhance a company’s brand image and attract environmentally conscious customers.
  • Improved Water Pressure: WaterSense faucets typically feature an aerator and high-efficiency cartridge, which enhances water pressure and flow control, providing a comfortable and efficient experience.


Watersense taps are more than just a plumbing fixture, they are an important player in water conservation and environmental protection.

Their water-saving, easy-to-install, and long-lasting features make them ideal for any customer who wants to do their part to help the environment. By choosing Watersense faucets, you will not only save water and money, but you will also be doing your part in contributing to a sustainable environment.


A good Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rate for a bathroom faucet typically falls in the range of 1.2 to 1.5 GPM. This range is considered efficient and environmentally friendly while still providing adequate water flow for common bathroom tasks like handwashing and face washing

WaterSense faucets must have a maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) for bathroom sink faucets and 1.8 GPM for kitchen faucets

WaterSense faucets are designed to save water by limiting their flow rate to a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) for bathroom sink faucets. To understand how much water a WaterSense faucet can save compared to older, non-efficient faucets, let’s consider an example:

Non-Efficient Faucet:

Flow Rate: 2.2 gallons per minute (GPM)

WaterSense Faucet:

Flow Rate: 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM)

Now, let’s calculate the water savings for a typical 5-minute handwashing session using both types of faucets:

Non-Efficient Faucet:

Water Used in 5 Minutes: 2.2 GPM x 5 minutes = 11 gallons

WaterSense Faucet:

Water Used in 5 Minutes: 1.5 GPM x 5 minutes = 7.5 gallons

Water Savings with WaterSense Faucet:

11 gallons (Non-Efficient) – 7.5 gallons (WaterSense) = 3.5 gallons saved in 5 minutes

Yes, Watersense faucets come in a variety of finishes to match your kitchen or bathroom decor. You can find them in chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel, and more.

No, Watersense faucets are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water consumption. You won’t notice a significant difference in water pressure during everyday use.

Watersense faucets come in various styles and designs, making them compatible with most sinks. However, it’s advisable to check the specifications of the faucet and your sink before making a purchase.

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