Luxuryhome products will meet your needs with their style, but also with their manufacturing quality, to make sure that they are reliable and safe, each product was carefully inspected, tested, and approved during the quality control process that is in place.

However, faucets feature a limited lifetime. Warranty to be free of all manufacturing defects under normal use. Assumes no responsibility for the use of superseded or voided specifications.

During the warranty period, the supplier will provide replacement parts for defective products, and paid services will be provided outside the warranty period.

See our complete warranty for details

Products category Warranty Period
shower set (thermostatic / hot & cold) cartridge 2 years
Bathtub faucet/pot filler cartridge cartridge 2 years
Bathroom and kitchen faucet cartridge 5 years
shower/kitchen faucet tube 1 year
shower hose 1 year
kitchen faucet spout 1 year
shower head, hand shower 1 year
shower/bathroom and kitchen mixer body (chrome finish) 5 years
shower/bathroom and kitchen mixer body (brushed nickel, matte black, brushed gold, gunmetal) 5 years