Welcome to Luxuryhome’s comprehensive literature on bathroom and kitchen fixtures products.  As a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom appliances, we pride ourselves on the high-quality products.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect faucet and shower solution for your business.

Literatures for bathroom and kitchen fittings

2023 Catalog for North America market cover

Catalog for North America market – 2023

2023 Complete faucet and shower catalog - cover - Luxuryhome

Complete faucet and shower catalog – 2022

2023 Stainless steel faucet catalog - cover - Luxuryhome

Stainless steel faucet and shower catalog – 2023

2023 High end concealed shower catalog - Luxuryhome

High end concealed shower catalog – 2023

2023 Shower column catalog - cover - Luxuryhome

Exposed shower column catalog – 2023

2023 Filter tap catalog - cover - Luxuryhome

Kitchen filter tap catalog – 2023

2023 Bathroom hardware set catalog - cover - Luxuryhome

Bathroom hardware set catalog – 2023

Literature for different categories

Kitchen Mixers Catalog - 2022 - cover

Kitchen Mixers Catalog – 2022

2022 Single Cold Mixers Catalog

Single Cold Mixers Catalog – 2022

Water Filter Mixers Catalog - 2022

Water Filter Mixers Catalog – 2022

Literature for Bathroom Fixture collection

Arthit bathroom collection cover

Arthit Bathroom Fixture Collection

Boreas bathroom collection cover

Boreas Bathroom Fixture Collection

Castor bathroom collection cover

Castor Bathroom Fixture Collection

Cratos bathroom collection cover

Cratos Bathroom Fixture Collection

Dorice bathroom collection cover

Dorice Bathroom Fixture Collection

Doris bathroom collection cover

Doris Bathroom Fixture Collection

Glaucus bathroom collection cover

Glaucus Bathroom Fixture Collection

Ipure bathroom collection cover

Ipure Bathroom Fixture Collection

Leaper bathroom collection cover

Leaper Bathroom Fixture Collection

Nirues bathroom collection cover

Nirues Bathroom Fixture Collection

Triton bathroom collection cover

Triton Bathroom Fixture Collection

Varlea bathroom collection cover

Varlea Bathroom Fixture Collection