Great China Faucet Factory since 20032023-08-11T16:18:21+08:00

Experience the Best in Faucet Manufacturing
with Luxuryhome – China Faucet Factory

Experience the Best in Faucet Manufacturing
with Luxuryhome –
China Faucet Factory

Discover the benefits of sustainable manufacturing and choose China faucet factory for your next project

Welcome to Luxuryhome

Brief of Luxuryhome – China Faucet Factory

  • Decades of experience in projects, wholesale, and retail since 2003
  • Professional in bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures
  • Use the strongest components for our products
  • Variety of customized services, free for our customers
  • Product line and price optimization every year
  • OEM & ODM support
  • Low minimum order quantity
CNC machine - Luxuryhome faucet factory

A look inside Luxuryhome faucet factory

Join us for a tour of Luxuryhome Faucet Factory and see our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative designs in action.

  • 3 gravity casting machine
  • 4 polishing lines
  • 20 CNC machines
  • 99% pass rate
  • 2 Research & Development department
  • 1 laboratory for multi-product testing
  • Each process has quality control
  • Multimedia department for your customized creative realization
  • Wide range of products for bathroom and kitchen


Business started in


Factory area


Annual output



Mastering Electroplating:

How Luxuryhome – China Faucet Factory Delivers Durable and Beautiful Faucets

  • Pass salt spray test – 24h acid salt spray and 200 hours neutral salt spray test
  • Pass paint adhesion testing
  • Pass falling sand abrasion
  • Pass boil test

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Advantages of Luxuryhome China Faucet Factory

Luxuryhome’s goal is to create products that make people feel comfortable, secure, and practical, constantly innovating, and improving technology, to create a better kitchen and bathroom experience for you

assemble line - Luxuryhome faucet factory

Strong Faucet Factory

Sets casting, CNC, polishing, assembly, laboratory, and storage. Included R&D, design, production.

warehouse - Luxuryhome faucet factory

High Production Capacity

Covers an area of 20,000 m²,
Annual production capacity of 360,000 sets.

3D draft- research and development - Luxuryhome faucet factory

Strong R & D

Strong R&D team with a total experience of more than 20 years,  provide the latest innovative designs.

laboratory - Luxuryhome faucet factory

Production Cost Controlling

Automated machines to improve capacity, and Semi-automatization of assembling lines.

water testing - quality control process - Luxuryhome faucet factory

Quality Control

Automatic testing machines for life cycle, flow rate, corrosion resistance, and high-pressure blasting.

literatures - customized service - Luxuryhome fauct factory

Excellent Customized Service

Professional service team to support your technical or multimedia needs.


Low order quantity

The minimum order quantity is 50 sets/model.
Quantity is negotiable

Fast delivery

 35 days for bulk products,
and 7 days for sample orders.

Customization Service

Free customization services, like video, pictures, color box, catalog, etc

Responsible service team

Many-to-one service can help you solve any problems with the product 

High cost performance

Streamlined production minimize production costs and provide product competitiveness

Professional R&D team

Launch 3-5 new bathroom collections each year, and improve the original products.

Provide free samples

In order to increase customers’ trust in our products, we provide free samples

Quality Guarantee

All Luxuryhome China faucet factory fixtures come with a limited lifetime warranty

Global Certifications


Ready To Growth Your Business?

Contact us for more information, customized service and free samples are waiting for you.

Product tested of Luxuryhome faucet factory

Each product is rigorously tested to ensure that every product that reaches the consumer is perfect.

life test

Life test

Over 500,000 tests without leakage

shower head life test

Shower head life test

tested 10,000 times at a frequency  without leakage

high pressure blasting test

High pressure blasting

No leakage at 34.5Mpa for 1 minute

rigid riser kit life test

Rigid riser kit life test

Detects if rigid riser kit leaks after repeated use

air tightness test

Air tightness test

Ensure airtightness of the entire faucet

hose test

Hose test

Observe the hose leaks when it is tested for a long time

temperature test

Temperature test

Test the temperature of the thermostatic shower when it meets the requirements

water test

Water test

Test the faucet when the water comes out well and there is no leakage。

salt spray test

Salt spray test

Passed 24-hour acid salt spray test and 200-hour neutral salt spray test

adhesion test

Adhesion test

Test faucet surface plating when meeting adhesion requirements

The showroom of Luxuryhome faucet factory

Welcome to visit our faucet factory in Kaiping, Guangdong, China.

Luxuryhome faucet factory showroom - 3
Luxuryhome faucet factory showroom - 4
Luxuryhome faucet factory showroom - 2
Luxuryhome faucet factory showroom - 1

Certifications of Luxuryhome China faucet factory

Offers multi certifications in many different countries to ensure that our products can be effective in every corner of the world.

UPC certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
NSF certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
AB1953 certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
ADA certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
CEC certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
Watersense certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
ACS certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
DVGW certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
KTW certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
CE certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
TMV2 certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
WRAS certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer

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See what our customer said

Luxuryhome is the most worry-free supplier I’ve ever worked with. The performance of this shower set is simply amazing.

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Daniel N Nold

They always understood what I meant, and he provided a lot of professional services and knowledge, which enabled me to expand my market better

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Joseph Tripp

Nice catalog, nice video, nice design, of course, the excellent shower products, a series of thoughtful services to make me feel comfortable

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Rachelle Bertrand

Fast deliver, good after-sales service, this is the reason why I have been working with Luxuryhome

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Gail Lewis

The brands work with Luxuryhome faucet factory

We work with many suppliers and retailers around the world, this is just a part of it, for more information, please contact us

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003
Great China Faucet Factory since 2003
Great China Faucet Factory since 2003
Great China Faucet Factory since 2003
Great China Faucet Factory since 2003
Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Product categories of Luxuryhome faucet factory

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Showers

Kitchen Faucets

Bathroom Accessoires

Ready To Growth Your Business?

Contact us for more information, customized service and free samples are waiting for you.

Luxuryhome faucet factory packing options

concealed shower package

Shower package

concealed shower package - pearl wool

Shower package with pearl wool

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

White box for
bathroom shower

brown-box for bathroo showers

Brown box for
bathroom shower

color box for bathroom showers

Color box for
bathroom shower

Available Finishes

Our finishes easily wipe clean without the need for cleaners or chemicals and are guaranteed to resist mineral buildup and hard water stains.
The ultra-sleek surface repels liquids, resisting water spots and staying cleaner longer, making your bathroom or kitchen fixtures stay beautiful.

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Brushed nickel

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Black+rose gold

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Brushed gold

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Matte black

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003

Rose gold

Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


Great China Faucet Factory since 2003


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Find answers to questions you may care about

Can your faucet factory accommodate small orders for individual buyers or small businesses?2023-07-27T17:23:21+08:00

Yes, we welcome orders from individual buyers and small businesses. We believe in building strong relationships with all our customers, regardless of the order size.

The MOQ is about 50 sets/model.

How do you handle product returns or exchanges if there are any issues with the faucets or showers?2023-07-27T17:21:51+08:00

In the rare event of any issues with our products, we have a well-defined return and exchange policy in place. Our customer support team will guide customers through the process to ensure their satisfaction.

What is the average lead time for manufacturing and delivering orders to different regions?2023-07-27T17:20:13+08:00

The average lead time depends on the order size and complexity. However, we strive to deliver orders as efficiently as possible and communicate transparently with customers about the estimated delivery timelines.

Usually, about 35 days for bulk orders, and 7 days for sample orders.

Do you offer OEM or ODM services?2023-07-27T17:18:10+08:00

Yes, we offer both OEM and ODM services. We can manufacture faucets and showers based on customer designs or create customized designs for specific projects.

How do you handle bulk orders, and what is the production capacity of your factory?2023-07-27T17:10:03+08:00

We have a robust production capacity and are well-equipped to handle bulk orders efficiently. Our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to fulfill large-scale orders within specified timelines.

How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your faucet products?2023-07-27T17:08:10+08:00

We maintain strict quality control measures at every stage of the production process, conducting thorough inspections to ensure that each faucet meets our quality standards before it leaves the factory.

We provide a limited quality guarantee for our products, please visit this standard about our product warranty».

Can you provide customization options for faucets and showers to meet specific requirements?2023-07-27T17:06:17+08:00

Yes, we offer customization options for faucets and showers, allowing customers to choose different finishes, styles, and specifications to suit their specific needs and preferences.

What materials are used in the manufacturing of your faucets and showers?2023-07-27T17:05:14+08:00

We use high-quality materials such as brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy in the manufacturing of our faucets and showers, ensuring durability and longevity.

Where are your faucet factory’s products sold, and do you export globally?2023-07-27T17:04:13+08:00

Our faucet products are sold both domestically and internationally. We have a strong global experience and export our products to various countries across the world.

Are your faucets and showers compliant with international quality standards?2023-07-27T15:58:09+08:00

Yes, all our faucets and showers undergo rigorous quality control measures and are compliant with international standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

What types of faucets and showers does your factory manufacture?2023-07-27T15:56:20+08:00

We manufacture a diverse range of faucets and showers, including kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, showers, and various other accessories

How long has your faucet factory been in business, and what is its experience in the industry?2023-07-27T15:52:34+08:00

Our faucet factory has been in business since 2003, and we have extensive experience in the industry. We have established a reputation for delivering top-quality faucets and showers to customers worldwide.

I have never purchase from China in bulk before, what should I make the process?2023-07-27T15:48:36+08:00

Here is a comprehensive guide about How to import faucets & showers from China»

Which is the best Chinese faucet brand?2023-07-27T15:38:52+08:00

It is hard to say, for your reference which is the best Chinese faucet brand, you can visit the page of it: top 10 faucet manufacturers in China».

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