Professional China showers wholesale

Luxuryhome has a large variety of styles designed to meet your needs and budget for shower wholesale.
Doesn’t having more styles of shower products mean that you can meet more different customer needs?

Contact us to expand your shower’s product line and your business!

concealed shower mixer

Concealed shower mixer

concealed shower sets

Concealed shower set

exposed shower mixer

Exposed shower mixer

exposed shower sets

Exposed shower set

shower panels

Shower panel

Freestanding bath filler taps

Floor standing shower

Filter by bathroom shower valves

hot and cold shower valve

Hot and cold shower vavle

pressure balance shower valve

Pressure balance shower vavle

thermostatic shower valve

Thermostaic shower vavle

Customize your bathroom shower accessories

shower heads

Shower heads

handheld showers

Hand showers

bath tub spouts

Tub spouts

body jets

Body jets

sliding raid kits

Sliding bars

rigid riser kits

Rigid riser kits

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Bathroom showers features

Professional China showers wholesale

Quality warrranty

easy switch

Easy switch

certificated cartridge

Certificated cartridge

lead free material

Lead free material

flawless finish

Flawless finish

easy fix

Easy fix

Reliable Showers Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for a quality faucet and bathroom showers manufacturer in China, then Luxuryhome would be a good choice for you.

We have an extensive product line covering bathroom and kitchen products, such as bathroom basin faucets, kitchen faucets, shower faucets, and other accessories, and we develop 4-5 bathroom collections every year to better cater to the changes in the market for you.

Cost-effective products ensure quality while offering the most affordable price, thanks to our modern assembly line production, which controls the cost very well


Low order quantity

Luxuryhome shower product support a small number of products wholesale business, the minimum order quantity is 50 sets/model

Fast delivery

Large shipments can be shipped within 35 days and sample orders can be shipped within 7 days, thanks to the extensive inventory

Customization Service

For customers who place orders of shower sets, we can provide free customization services, like video, pictures, color box, catalog, etc

Responsible service team

A multi-on-one service can help you solve any problems with the product by Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer service team

High cost performance

Streamlined production can minimize production costs and provide product competitiveness

Professional R&D team

Every year, we will launch 3-5 new bathroom collections, and also improve the original products to ensure that each product can guarantee quality

Provide free samples

In order to increase customers’ trust in our products, Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer can provide free samples

Quality Guarantee

All shower products come with a limited lifetime warranty, and in case of damage, we will send you a new one.

Global Certifications

Each shower faucet products are certified to meet the needs of different markets such as UPC, CE, ACS, WRAS, KTW, DVGW, etc.

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How to install bathroom showers

Luxuryhome’s showers are designed with ease of installation in mind, with auxiliary positioning rods to help you hold the valve in place well.

Detailed instructions or installation videos are also provided to help you install our showers properly!

Packages for showers wholesale

concealed shower package

Shower package

concealed shower package - pearl wool

Shower package with pearl wool

Professional China showers wholesale

White box for
bathroom shower

brown-box for bathroo showers

Brown box for
bathroom shower

color box for bathroom showers

Color box for
bathroom shower

Available Finishes

The ultra-sleek surface repels liquids, resisting water spots and staying cleaner longer, making your bathroom or kitchen fixtures stay beautiful.

  • Pass salt spray test – 24h acid salt spray and 200 hours neutral salt spray test
  • Pass paint adhesion testing & falling sand abrasion & boil test
Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale

Brushed nickel

Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale

Black+rose gold

Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale

Brushed gold

Professional China showers wholesale

Matte black

Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale

Rose gold

Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale


Professional China showers wholesale



Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer offer multi certifications of bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures in many different countries to ensure that our products can be effective in every corner of the world, like the USA, Canada, Germany, France, and so on.

UPC certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
NSF certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
AB1953 certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
ADA certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
CEC certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
Watersense certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
ACS certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
DVGW certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
KTW certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
CE certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
TMV2 certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer
WRAS certification - Luxuryhome faucet manufacturer

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