UPC shower panels introduction

In the past time, many people chose to install handheld showers in their bathrooms. However, with the development of modern, practical, and more aesthetic designs, there are various options for home decoration and interior design nowadays. People can install the shower head and handheld shower together or with other bathroom fixtures.

Therefore, with the development of technology and design, UPC shower panels are more and more popular and practical. Whether you are doing a bathroom renovation or building a home, the UPC shower panels in your shower space will surely help you get your dream bathroom and adds instant luxury to your bathroom.

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Certification of UPC shower panels

UPC refers to uniform plumbing code, and unified bathroom plumbing product standards, is the authoritative certification of bathroom sanitary ware products entering the U.S. market, and the addition of “c” refers to the Canadian market.

cUPC is the authoritative certification of bathroom sanitary ware products for the North American market, cUPC certification of the product range is cUPC certification of certified products based on the United States and Canada’s unified plumbing code to assess the specific certificate issued by the U.S. IAPMO (International Association Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) agency.

The advantage of UPC shower panels

UPC shower panels are also called UPC shower tower, UPC shower panels system, UPC shower tower panels, or more.

It is a wall covering a tough and waterproof finish surface with multiple shower heads and body sprayers built onto it or spreading from its top or sides. It enhances the overall ambiance of the bathroom and provides a luxurious feel to it.

It also makes your bath experience delightful and pleasant. Installing UPC shower panels in your bathroom is a great option for a variety of reasons. They are cost-effective, hygienic, and unlike tile, free of grout. They also give your showers a more modern and stylish appearance.

The UPC shower panels are easy to install, easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance

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The construction of UPC shower panels

Available in a number of different configurations, the UPC shower panels system soak you from head to toe, such as an shower head, hand-held shower, tub spout and body jets.

UPC shower panels are constructed with material such as stainless steel, bamboo and other. In order to resist rust corrosion better. For the higher quality and durability, Luxuryhome’s UPC shower panels all are making up by stainless steel panel, brass valve and ceramic cartridge.

UPC shower panels systems are available in finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, brass and bronze and other to help you create exactly the look you want in your spa shower.

Either you are doing a bathroom renovation, or building a home, a shower wall panel in your shower space will surely help you get your dream bathroom.

Configurations of UPC shower panels and their function

Shower heads of UPC shower panels

The signature of UPC shower panels is the specially designed shower head, which provides a light cascade of water from directly above, just like a waterfall. Moreover, the rainfall function will also be provided. As an added bonus, rainfall shower heads generally have a low flow rate for better water conservation.

As is known, different shower heads have various functions, what about the shower head of UPC shower panels? First, there are two kinds of shower heads. One is attached to the UPC shower panel and another is mounted on it. The former has dual functions, rainfall, and waterfall. The latter only has the rainfall function, but it can rotate at any angle you want.

Luxuryhome has all these kinds of UPC shower panels. In Luxuryhome, you can find any UPC shower panels you want. Like showering in the common shower head, you can stand and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable shower with Luxuryhome’s UPC shower panel, which can provide dual functions. Different kinds of water flow can help you relax and meet your need to control the water flow.

shower head - upc shower panels

Handheld showers of UPC shower panels

Most of the UPC shower panels handheld shower on the market only has one function, the spray. However, in Luxuryhome, you can find the handheld shower which has three functions, the spray function, the massage function, and the spray and massage function. You can change different functions by rotating the handheld shower. With different functions, you can enjoy a more comfortable shower to have a massage like SPA in your own home.

handheld shower - - upc shower panels

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Body jets of UPC shower panels

In addition, UPC shower panels usually include multi body jets which can rotate at any angle as you want. The body jets can be targeted the muscle groups and pressure points of the body by taking a massage shower, thus providing effective relief from muscle pain.

In Luxuryhome, it is easy to find that every UPC shower panels have body jets. Moreover, for different people’s needs, some Luxuryhome’s UPC shower panels have body jets that don’t stick out. They are blending in with the panel and at the same level as the panel, which looks more beautiful.

Although this kind of body jet can’t rotate, they are also practical and bring a great massage relaxation for you. With these body jets, you can relieve the fatigue of the whole day.

body jet - - upc shower panels

Tub spouts of UPC shower panels

When you are in a hotel bathroom, you will find there is a tub filler in a very low place. Do you wonder what can it do? When you use the tub spout, it can give you convenience and make water full in your bathtub quickly. Of course, some people will think they don’t need it and some people probably think only the tub spout protrudes, which is not quite beautiful.

For satisfied various customers’ needs, Luxuryhome provides three kinds of UPC shower panels about the question, of whether the UPC shower panels include a tub spout or not.

First is the UPC shower panels without a tub spout. Additionally, the UPC shower panel with tub spot. Third, the UPC shower panel with tub spout, but the tub spout doesn’t stick out and blend in with the panel, and its water flow is beautiful like a waterfall.

Design both practical and elegant, any kind of UPC shower panels you like can be found in Luxuryhome

tub spout - - upc shower panels

The UPC shower panels valve plays an important role when it comes to your showering routine. Different shower valves will have different functions. There are three types of valves for the UPC shower panels system and all of them can be found in Luxuryhome.

  • Pressure balance valves
    The first one is the pressure balance valve. As One of the most common valves, it can control the balance of water pressure between hot and cold water and ensure a steady water temperature. It can avoid scalding yourself when it controls the water pressure so that water will not be too hot or too cold suddenly. As the industry standard, it is also the most affordable shower valve option.
  • Thermostatic valves
    Second, the thermostatic valve is also the most expensive valve type. With a thermostatic valve, you can directly control the water temperature by presetting a temperature and it provides scalding protection like the pressure balance valve. Generally, it will keep a steady water temperature at 38 degrees.What’s more, if you set your desired temperature with the handle, you don’t need to change it and get the same temperature next time you take a shower. A thermostatic shower valve often includes a volume control feature that allows users to set the amount of water coming from each water outlet.
  • Hot and cold valves
    Third, the hot and cold valve is simple. As it literally means, it can control whether the water is hot or cold. However, it can’t control the water pressure balance and keep the water at a steady degree.According to the industry standard throughout North America, the hot water should be on the left of the faucet and the cold water should always be on the right side. You also can find the hot and cold water signs on the handle.

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UPC shower panels manufacturer

In Luxuryhome, most of UPC shower panels will combine with the pressure balance valve, of course, the three types of valves can be found in Luxuryhome’s shower panels.

All UPC shower panels in Luxuryhome have these features. Made up of stainless steel, they are highly durable and solid. They are easy to clean and install because the premium finish provides a smooth surface. Of course, all UPC shower panels will be provided a limited lifetime warranty. With our UPC shower panel, enjoy the most comfortable and spa-like feeling shower at home.

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