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Hardware Technology Thermostat Technology Shower Technology

Hiqh quality plating

Banyan have developed the technology of space coating, adding titanium to the use of technology, making the surface of faucet surface not easy to fade, not easy to wear, and pass 24 hours of salt spray test to reach the level 10 standard

Temperature control technology

Instantly meet the ideal water temperature and

respond quickly to the change of water pressure

Rotate to switch for water out 

The new and unique rotating switch is designed to facilitate different way of water using and to prevent bumping, which conforms to ergonomic design

50% water-saving technology

Banyan's unique new throttling water mixers can save up to 50% through air inflation, and air bubbles can prevent splashing and greatly improve the comfort level of water flow

Thermostat Technology

Only when the safety lock is pressed, the water temperature can be adjusted to more than 38 degrees, preventing it from being scalded by the wrong operation


Personal customized for your top spray shower, body part on bend can stretch out and draw back for40 cm,avoid installation inconvenience caused,for different height of embedded pipe.easy to adjust the different height, different angle for best shower position.

Ceramic Valve

With the original imported valve core, its ceramic chip is comparable with diamond after high precision processing, and has excellent wear-resisting and sealing properties, ensuring that it is used for half a million times without dripping

Cold touch technology

Eliminate the risk of being scalded by the chrome surface of the faucet

variety of shower spray

Multi-functional hand shower, with a variety of options such as massage , cylindrical, misty, rain spray, waterfall, etc., can enjoy different shower experience

Lead Free Technology

Eight rigorousprocesses are professional of lead remove technology, forming a permanent lead isolation protection layer to reach the low lead standard of drinking water faucet.

Water-removing protection technology

When the cold water supply is suddenly interrupted, the faucet will automatically cuts off the hot water to avoid scalding

Hand shower easy clean

Use the polysilicone with elastic function, have self-cleaning function, the outside sediment can be gently removed by hand, clean and convenient

CNC Precise Technology

Using CNC precision machining, enhance the product processing quality, the sealing performance is excellent

One Key Switch

Whether it's turn on, change shower mode or the outlet, one key switch makes the operation easier.

Anti-twine hose

A new generation of spray hose, the joint can be rotated 360 degrees free, never winding, easy shower

Bathroom Accessories Technology  Project Faucet Technology Kitchen Sink Technology

One body multi-purpose

Unique shelving design, can be combined and infinite superposition according to different requirements, easy to install and uninstall, save space effectively

Interaction technology

Sensing technology used in all sense and touch faucet, with excellent automatic distinguish induction, microcomputer agile process, super power-saving technology lead in the industry to change, when leave induction range can turn off the water immediately and turn off the water with a timeout, especially water saving function.

Smooth brush technology

Using the original smooth brush technology, it is more soft and delicate than the normal brushed, not easy to hide the dirt, easy to wash.

Precision machining process

Adopt pure hand grinding, the connector is rigorous and fine treatment, strives for essence in every detail, the product is smooth and glossy, the modelling is concise and fashionable

Time delay technology

Superior performance and stable time delay technology is special designed for frequent use in public places, by qualified traffic and delay switch to save 60% of the water resources, and according to the actual need to set accurate delay shut down 1-10 seconds


The sink use stainless steel drainer to go with the environmental friendly soft glue, with its unique adsorption, strong sealing

Quick clean

macromolecule treatment technology and the environmental protection in surface,make sure the product is dry and clean


The bottom of the sink Germany environmental friendly moisture-proof coating, effective prevent water vapor condensate

Low Noise

German moisture-proof coating is used at the bottom of the sink, and the silencing pad is pasted to effectively remove the flow noise